Writing – Extending its limits to speeches, event invites and more

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From writing speeches to writing poetry for special events, writing is certainly not the boring stuff. Aided by the tailwinds of the Internet, writing as a profession is fast catching people’s imagination.

“True alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.”

Countless people have spoken about the tremendous power of the pen, trumping that of even the sword. Over centuries, this power has been put to great use by writers, poets, and philosophers. Writing, was historically considered a job everyone did on their own, but of late a new trend has been up and coming: the rise of content writing as a profession.

Traditional writing – only restricted to print media

In earlier days, people mostly used to write down their own material. With the industrial revolution, the jobs industry exploded, and more and more written content began to be generated. Newspapers and the radio needed not only reporters and presenters receptively, but also people who would proof read and prepare the final scripts. The rise in scientific and technical knowledge, among others, meant that a large section of the population suddenly found itself out of terms with the terminologies that the scientific community was using. There had to be a way of letting all that knowledge reach the common man in an easily comprehensible way.

Traditionally, the services of professional writers were taken for feature writing and content writing, like blogs, brochures, web content, etc, most of which was of a formal nature. But of late, we see an increasing trend towards content writers taking up everything from MC scripts at functions to formal letters, essays and editing work. The scope of work is immense in this field and companies are eager to grab talented individuals who have a good command over their language. Good writing skills have never been in greater demand, especially in third world countries, where English is often the third if not the second language,.

Content writing today – new forms and avenues

Today, there are people you can contact for the generation of any sort of content. From speeches to conference scripts and from invitations to poems, the list is endless. For every need of yours for the written word, there is a team of professionals who will craft bespoke, error-free content. Fields that were mired in relative obscurity till recently are now flourishing mainstream businesses.

Organizations today know the benefits of a strong online presence. Every website needs dedicated viewership, and good content goes a long way towards ensuring that. People don’t mind spending to ensure that the written or spoken content is flawless. And that’s where content writers come in. Writers are thus a fast growing breed of young people with a passion for the written word.

Studies have conclusively shown that a single spelling mistake on a website can cut a company’s online sales in half. What faith should someone have that their product is a quality one or that their brand is worth buying?

Consumer interest

According to new research, more than fifty percent of the consumers spend 15 seconds or less on companies’ websites. This includes advertisements and other media outlets too.  The window to make a good first impression is tiny.  That means whatever a consumer looks at needs to not only be error-free but also appealing. Misspellings lower the credibility of the entire company and not just the product.

A writer who can easily write for a solemn ceremony or an intro for a gig, has a bright future. It sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.