Do you want to make your writing FLAWLESS?

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Who doesn’t seek perfection? Writing is that creative exercise which is subject to errors and even the most established writers commit mistakes. Here’s how you can rely on proofreading tools and techniques to get your content accurate.

Setting your grammar and mechanics right is one step forward towards perfection. It is essential to check for errors and typos that may have occurred and mend them beforehand to ensure better control over writing. Detection and correction of errors is necessary to not only create interest but also to maintain professionalism. The task doesn’t get over after you have completed typing your write-up, however, the real work of editing and shaping the draft into final piece actually begins.
Mentioned below are some essential proofreading tips that will help you achieve flawless writing goals:

# Re-read – Preferably backwards

Re – reading your text backward helps you identify misspellings and punctuation mistakes. It enables you to practice a word-by-word check over your writing.

# Print and read it out loud

Studies have found that reading printed text is more convenient than reading e-text. Similarly, the hard copy version of your writing helps you spot errors easily. Use a pencil to underline and mark your errors. Also, reading your work aloud makes you catch awkward phrases and mistakes that you wouldn’t have identified earlier.

# Keep a check on confusing words

English has a lot of words which sound alike, look alike, causing confusion. It is important to learn about these tricky, similar-sounding words to improve your English accuracy. Double check your grammar and facts to avoid common grammar goofs. Follow this guide for more – “Commonly confused words – English Grammar & Usage

# Get your writing checked

Ask someone to proofread your text for you. It helps to diagnose your writing from a different perspective and help you spot errors that went unnoticed earlier.

# Use Tools

Tools like spellcheckers enable you to detect repeated words, discover omitted words, punctuation errors and much more. These tools correct your grammar for free and will act as your proofreading tools too.
Some of them are listed below:

# Punctuation check

It is necessary to pay attention on punctuation to ensure if sentences are properly connected to form meaningful content. Here is the writing guide that can be referred for this purpose – Punctuation Guide

# Pay extra attention to names and numbers

This is one area where no spell check or tool can function. Therefore, you manually need to inspect the names and numbers to avoid errors.

# Others 

It is not just grammar, punctuation or text that matters in writing, but it is essential to throw light on other fields too. It refers to cross checking the sources of pictures, references, hyperlinks, and tables etc. that are used in your work. Flawlessness can only be attained when minute details are also being focussed.

# Feedback 

Feedback helps you analyze and find mistakes to take corrective action. Make sure you take it constructively and prepare your mind to learn and grow for future prospects.


Yes, it does make a man perfect!
Write – may it be your daily diary, your itinerary for the day; and
Read – your favorite book, blog or anything which contribute towards enriching your knowledge. Reading will help you absorb the nuances of perfect writing and practicing will ensure ease of creativity.

By practicing the above-mentioned tips as a part of your regular writing routine will eventually develop you into a flawless writer.


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