Is good web content writing a child’s play? Myths and Facts!

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To convert readers into potential customers in the world of dynamic writing is not easy. Acquaint yourself with these common myths and misconceptions to avoid wastage of time, money and effort involved in your writing.

With constantly changing web, it is important to create best user experience to connect with target audience, build relationships, and encash them into prospective customers.  Let us separate facts from preconceived notions that are attached to content writing:

#Myth 1:

Web content writing is all about making a sale

Sales  is not the sole objective of content writing. Infact writing can be done – to create awareness, to build trust, to persuade readers, to attract potential customers etc. The objectives tend to vary with your client’s marketing needs.

Example: If you’re writing a blog, your purpose will be to build relationships and connect with the audiences and not to sell your products.

#Myth 2:
Writing for search engine will help you expand reach

Allowing search engines to identify your site is not as important as to address problems and provide content that the customers seek. At the end, you need to provide satisfactory user experience, instead of concentrating on search engine rankings. It is important to visualize SEO  as Search Experience Optimization and not Search Engine Optimization.

#Myth 3:
More keywords for that extra edge!

False! Remember, when adding keywords to your website; never determine its importance with density! The core focus should be on creating content which customers demand to identify relevance and usefulness of your page, Google will filter every page of your website. Hence, more keywords shouldn’t be a priority.

#Myth 4:
A content writer needs a marketing degree

The services of content writers are undertaken to establish connect with clients, sell a brand, idea and create trust. The knowledge of marketing helps to understand the target market, audience reach, adopting various strategies; however, it is not a mandatory requirement. Content writers from journalist backgrounds having an overview of marketing domain prosper successfully in this domain.

#Myth 5:
Clients prefer longer articles

It is one of the most commonly identified myths in web content writing. Quantity never determines the success of your content. Rather, articles that follow the brevity principle with focused pithy information pave wider reach dimensions. Remember, web content writing is not a case study or thesis!

#Myth 6:
Complex to Impress!

We come across a lot of writing using complex vocabulary to create captivating content. However, in reality, readers seek simple, useful information that is easily understood without much effort.

#Myth 7:
It is impossible to compete against established sites

Initially, you might witness recession in rankings, audience reach, or client creation but don’t lose hope. Research the industry, use your domain knowledge, practice creativity and suffice customers’ needs in a new way! Never underestimate the power of your efforts and creativity.

Make sure to defog the windshield of myths to create good content for web content writing. This will enable you to create a successful brand identity and shape your career.

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