Talent does not require a language. With communication fast transcending the linguistic barrier, we are here to help you stand out.

The art of communication is the language of leadership. – James C. Humes

Since time immemorial, communication has been the key factor differentiating humans from other species. While animals communicate as well, the central role that sharing of ideas assumes in human civilization is unprecedented. In today’s world, effective communication is of extreme importance for leaving a positive influence among your peers.

Arguably, verbal or spoken communication is one of the most important communication skills. From the workplace to the living room, effective speaking skills are the key to an appealing personality.

Communication plays a key role in bringing people together, especially when the discussion is focused in areas of controversy or conflict. The way you communicate portrays an image of you and your organisation. This image could be the first impression someone gets, and a lasting impression will work wonders for you.

In today’s world, time is of the essence. One may not always get the opportunity to present one’s views in writing or through a presentation. Sometimes, all you have to rely on is the power of the spoken word. And that’s where good speaking skills really come to the fore. When you have just five minutes on your hand, can you still charm the jury enough to bag the coveted project? Or get the deal signed? Verbal communication is not just about how you communicate your thoughts, ideas and responses effectively. It is vital for developing a business and forging relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

With the emergence of new platforms like online videos and lectures, good verbal skills have never been in greater demand. The emphasis has always been on fluency, and a strong command over the language. Being able to speak in a structured way and knowing how to speak on your feet, are added advantages.

At Diksha Vohra, we have got your verbal communication needs covered. We offer tailor-made solutions for seminars and corporate events, in addition to other forms of public speaking. You can rely on us to draft lucid texts that help your audience instantly connect to you.

We have been privileged to have written a speech for Safex Chemicals Director Piyush Jindal at the alumni meet of Delhi University’s prestigious Hindu College. Dr. Radmila Lukian, a celebrated dermatologist practising in Dubai, also availed our services for a speech at a dermatology conference in Paris this year.

Our services help you speak in a way that not only gets you success but is inspiring to people as well.