5 Media Platforms to share your business content on

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In an era where an average individual spends about one-third of his total waking time on the social upfront, what’s a better place to advertise? Don’t know where on the social media should you begin with? Read on, to know the five most accessed and efficient media platforms to spread the word about your product.

Social Media has an endless scope for content marketing and leveraging your business towards the pinnacle. Repeated exposures to the prospective followers will help create and retain a unique brand image and is probable to influence purchase decisions. The key is to make your presence felt.

#1 Facebook

Facebook engages 1.8 million users and has a widely encompassing reach. Being much more cost effective than any other medium to connect to the masses, it is easy to manage and use. Facebook Ads prove to be the most frequently used advertising technique, whether you lead a small proprietorship or are a big corporate house. It auto-connects your content to another popular marketing platform, Instagram without the effort of reposting. Advantageously, one may choose to boost their posts to target a greater segment of the market. It does the task without requiring the usage of Ad-Words or SEO technicalities. and DailyObjects revenue statistics show exactly why you need to use interactive Facebook adverts.

#2 Instagram

Despite engaging 300 million active users daily, this hub is the least used for business promotion and customer interaction. It has the capability to be the best means to stage high, entertaining business content. It is best to gain the competitive edge by making a vibrant appearance out here, right now. The key to succeeding here is apparently based upon these 3 aspects – standing out, getting insights and finding new customers.

#3 Pinterest

Pinterest is a bookmarking tool and a primary support system for content marketing present across web pages and web links. Forget SEO, SME; all that you require popularizing your web links is to pin them to your boards with winning captions and spread the word through your followers. These pins shall also be visible to any user searching for the similar keywords as are mentioned in your caption. Boasting 150 million active user engagements every month, it is an excellent way to propagate your content to ensure the widest reach.

#4 Twitter

Whatever happens is straight up onto Twitter. It has, for long, been recognized as a social site mainly to spread the news and is of limited use, due to the 140 character limitation. However, the perception seems to be undergoing a change. Twitter Marketing is the simplest and the least time-consuming way to meet the distance barrier at zero cost. Favorites and Retweets help the tweets to reach further to new customers. Tweets are indexed by Google, which shall also facilitate SEO. Additionally, hashtags hint at your business idea and may set the tweet trending.

#5 Google+

Google Plus stands out from all the above mentioned and is generally underestimated as a means to market business content. It optimizes major resources in a single place: Youtube, Hangouts, Gmail and Google Maps and drastically affects the search engine results. Google+ Integration and Mapping puts your business to the map and guides customer to your place. It helps to develop a strong consumer base by building up a network and encourages the organization to communicate its ideas effectively, thus ensuring success.

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