Is Multimedia the new way to engage your website audience?

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Multimedia is the new age evolution for web content that can captivate the visitors. We take a look on how the usage of certain elements like videos, audios, slideshows, infographics, images etc. can reap you benefits.

Just like it becomes a bit boring when you read text-only books (unless you are an avid reader), similarly, visitors loose interest over websites that contain plain text. Today’s era demands a combination of multimedia and text to attract visitors. Multimedia elements enrich the web designs thereby making the content more appealing and engaging.

Mentioned below are some of the multimedia elements that you can use on your website:

# Videos
Videos are an array of footage that gives an edge to your website. The consumers are more willing to like, comment and share an online video than a word text. A study by eMarketer reveals how digital ad spending has increased significantly in all the sectors.
Example: A visitor is more likely to choose an online tutorial that demonstrates (usage of a product, the procedure to update windows etc.) rather than reading the steps.


Today’s tech-savvy world gives consumer preference the supreme priority. A website having a musical background, audio versions of content etc., generates web traffic from people who don’t have time to go through entire page. In this way, it gives easier access to your content and people can listen to it while traveling in the tube, walking, cooking etc. To add this type of multimedia into your web design, it is necessary to embed descriptions within your HTML code and link it to a transcript.

# Images

Images not only evoke a user’s interest but are also self-explanatory. The visitor is more likely to understand your content better with images that your site holds. Also, it enables him/her to picture the same idea that you want to showcase, thereby providing a clear visual direction of your product or service. Therefore, usage of HD images, thumbnails, and galleries encourages people to return for more.

# Slideshows

Slideshows offer a complete blend of audio-visual theme where the information is presented in a creative way to your target audience. It is similar to the PPT (PowerPoint presentation) format where your message is described in one complete package. Example: can be used for adding slideshows.

# Infographics offers a fusion of text, images, charts, and other promotional templates that can be adopted (by free signup) to increase your web traffic. Featuring dynamic and media-rich content can entice the visitors thereby boosting sales.

Benefits of adding Multimedia:

# Enhanced Page Rankings
Surveys have found that websites with videos were 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results than text-based websites. Therefore, usage of digital elements is a vital SEO strategy to increase your page ranking.

# Engaged audience

Multimedia increases the time spent by users on the site and acts as an important tool to gain audience attention. No matter how brilliant you play with words, if you do not break the monotony, people will quit reading your page midway.

# Better Branding
Usage of multimedia is an asset in web content as it helps to popularise, attract, retain and even invite for more users. Therefore, it automatically creates brand recognition and people start identifying your content with the pattern of multimedia elements you use.

In conclusion, multimedia is the need of an hour, not just to attract or retain audience, but also to portray your content in a better explanatory way.