Everyone craves to discover new outlets to dine at, delicious food and a beautiful ambience. My articles on food do exactly that.

I have a passion for cooking and perhaps that’s why food is one of my favorite topics. From trying new cuisines to different ways of innovating regular dishes, I have had a hand in almost everything that is a part of cooking.

My reviews are curated along the lines of people’s tastes and offering something new to the discerning diners. From the ambience of the restaurant to the quality of the food, my writing intends to accentuate the taste of reading which takes the reader into a world of imagination.

Some of the restaurants I have reviewed in the past are Casa De Tapas, Bice Mare, Junoon, Totora, Coya, Farzi Cafe, Zuma and much more.

Here’s a sneak peak into some of my gastronomy entries.