Diksha Vohra standing in city walk
I write on a variety of topics ranging from automotive, to food, to travel and more. The writing style for newspapers is formal, semi-formal for luxury magazines and semi-casual for mid-range magazines.

Should you require a particular style of writing for a piece, please inform me ahead of time and I would follow the requested writing style. Here is how I would work it out:

  • communicating with the client
  • receive a brief from the client
  • carry out the interview/conduct research
  • compile the article
  • edit the article
  • send it to the client for approval/feedback
  • modify the article, if required, and deliver it

1. Communicating with the client

The process is initiated by communicating with the client. Here, I try and understand the publisher’s requirement in terms of the content, the word length, the style guide, the deadline for each piece and price fixation. Please note that I can travel for interviews and travel reviews but different rates apply for that. Feel free to email me to get more information on that.

2. Receive a brief from the client

The client then needs to provide me the press material which could either include press releases, audio or video clips to transcribe, based on which the article would be prepared.

3. Carry out research or conduct interview

For regular write-ups, I would conduct research from various credible sources. I would conduct interviews face to face when required. Travelling for reviews is also possible with advance notice.

4. Compile the article

Here the actual article writing process begins wherein I select the information to be included in the article and work on it.

5. Edit the article

At this stage the article undergoes a proofing stage to remove any grammatical errors, typos and fact check.

6. Send it to the client for approval/feedback

This usually takes place 1 day before the agreed delivery date to receive any feedback on the article, should it require any modifications.

7. Modification and delivery

Article is then modified as per the client’s requirement and delivered the very next day.

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