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In the past I have written for companies from various industries like packaging, construction, general maintenance services to bespoke clothing boutiques.

For writing brochures, catalogs or website content for corporates, the process varies slightly. I follow a strict formal writing standard for all corporate jobs.

In case you want to change the style, please let me know in advance. Below is the process outlined:

  • Discussion
  • Compilation of information
  • Research
  • Content writing
  • Feedback
  • Delivery

1. Discussion

For corporate jobs, I prefer meeting the client in-person or on Skype in order to understand their requirements correctly. Here I would present my proposal with a quote for the requested services after finalizing the content, delivery time, kind of research involved, complexity of the job. Should the client wish to proceed with the quote, we move to the next step.

2. Compilation of information

The client then needs to give me all relevant information from this history and records in order to compile the write up. Any form of interviews which senior management, if required, would be conducted at this stage.

3. Research

I would now begin researching on other competitive websites to analyze their content to distinguish mine from theirs. Also a thorough research on the company itself would be conducted to select information to be presented.

4. Content writing

Here I would begin writing actual content for the requested medium – print or digital. I would then edit the content.

5. Feedback

Similar to feature writing, I would present the content a day before the agreed deadline. At this stage, the client needs to read the article carefully and request any modifications required.

6. Delivery

Depending on the modifications requested, I would amend the article and deliver the article within the following 24 hours. Please note that major changes might take time, which I would mention in advance.