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10 ways to earn money from your website

By October 11, 2017 No Comments
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Are you missing out a potential source of revenue – your website? With some effort, you too can increase your online income

Along with being a treasure trove of information, the Internet today is also a major source of income. Unlocking the full potential of your website can easily earn you some extra money. Scroll down to find the ten best ways to monetize your website.

  1. Google AdSense

    AdSense works in a pretty straightforward way – when you sign up for the service with Google, it identifies your content and then displays related advertisements. The payment is made whenever a user clicks the ad banner. You may wish to check these out.

  2. Affiliate marketing

    This is one of the quickest ways to earn money from your website. By putting links to third-party products on your website, you can direct people to their webpages. Each time someone makes a purchase, you get a 30% – 70% cut.

  3. Selling ad space directly

    If you don’t want your revenue to be a function of the number of clicks, that is possible too. One option is to rent out the advertisement space directly to other companies at a fixed price every month. Note that in this case, your earnings don’t depend on the number of clicks or conversions that the advertisement generates.

  4. CPM Advertising

    CPM stands for Cost per Thousand Impressions. Basically, instead of going to Google, you can sell website space directly to other companies. These companies pay you a specified amount, say a few dollars, for every thousand visits that your website gets.

  5. Paywalls, premium content

    While everyone loves freebies, you could get your visitors to shell out some extra cash for premium content. The concept of paid content has only lately taken off, but if executed properly it is a solid way to earn money. You can also make use of “content locking” through paywalls. In that case, ensure the user isn’t put off by an obtrusive payment interface. The simpler the setup, the more revenue it will generate.


  6. Sponsored reviews

    If your website commands a respectable footfall, you can accept sponsored content from other websites that is relevant to your content. Another way is to review products and new launches from other companies. Use the ‘nofollow’ tag to avoid being penalized for sponsored content.

  7. Extra products and services

    You can put your knowledge and experience of the industry to good use and make some money out of it. Offer paid consulting services through chat, video or even offline means if they work for you. Add a Hire Me page to allow people to hire you for freelancing services. Adding examples of recent work can boost your prospects of getting hired. You could even sell an eBook related to your content on your website.

  8. Look beyond AdSense.

    There are a lot of ways besides AdSense that advertisements can earn you money. One very popular alternative is InfoLinks, which can work alongside AdSense. You can also set up RSS Feed ads and audio ads to extract every last bit of revenue potential from your website. Hosting pop up ads is not recommended because every visitor hates them, but if you really need the money, give them a shot.

  9. Accepting donations

    Who said advertising is the only way you can earn money? If you have a loyal support base, you can ask them to support you by adding donation buttons. While not offering you lots of money, this is a good way to make up for short-term expenses.

  10. Sell your website.

    People are always looking for a readymade website so that they can start with minimum investment. They have the money, you have the website. Your website could easily sell for more than a year’s worth of ad revenue. This is advisable only if you want to make quick money and/or you are into a new project.